Key Documents

Association Members that will travel to the Country Association Members that will travel to the Country (230 KB)

Code of Conduct Code of Conduct (144 KB)

Event Guidelines Event Guidelines (257 KB)

Generator Safety & Basic Maintenance Generator Safety & Basic Maintenance (336 KB)

WAMFVA Constitution WAMFVA Constitution (1440 KB)

WAMFVA Minimum Standards WAMFVA Minimum Standards (740 KB)


Issue 1 - WAMFVA Newsletter Issue 1 - WAMFVA Newsletter (782 KB)

Issue 2 - WAMFVA Newsletter Issue 2 - WAMFVA Newsletter (663 KB)

Issue 3 - WAMFVA Newsletter Issue 3 - WAMFVA Newsletter (591 KB)

Government Agencies References

This list of references will be added to as more information comes to hand. 

Department of Commerce – OSH for the Catering Industry in WA 

Department of Commerce – Managing Health and Safety in Food Retail -  Handbook 

Department of Commerce – Occupational Safety and Health Tips for Catering Staff 

Department of Commerce – Catering Industry Checklist 

Department of Commence – Guidelines for using Food Mixers 

Department of Commerce – Guide  Testing and Tagging portable electrical equipment and residual current devices 

Department of Health – Food Unit 

Department of Health – Food

Food Department of Health – Compliance of Food Legislation in WA   

Department of Health – Cleaning and Sanitizing Requirements for a Food Business         

Safe Food Australia – Guidelines 

Australia and New Zealand Food Safety Code 

Department of Health - Fees and Charges Under the Food Act 2008 

Department of Health – Food Act 2008 (Fact Sheets)

Small Business Development Corporation – Business Licence Finder

Small Business Development Corporation – Workshops

Small Business Development  Corporation – Alternative Dispute Resolution Advice and Services

Small Business Development Corporation – General Business Advice

State Law Publisher - List of all WA Legislation (Easy reference) (That make reference to the Health Act 1911)