Goals & Achievements

What we have achieved so far:

• Developed a set of guidelines for event organisers using mobile food vendors.

• Developed a Code of Conduct

• Developed complaint procedures

• Finalised the Association’s website.

• Organised Association Stickers and magnets for our members to place on their tills, vans, trucks, and stalls clearly identifying they are members of the Association

Our present goals are to:

• Provide a single point of contact for those who wish to discuss any aspect of our businesses and to work to develop and maintain positive relations with all concerned. 

• Work cooperatively with municipalities and governmental bureaucracies to review codes, ordinances, procedures and enforcement so that they better address the realities of this new industry and not try to apply out-dated and inapplicable rules to this novel and dynamic business model. 

• Develop a system for mentoring new operators so they can become positive additions to this new culinary movement.

• Create a system of addressing issues that may arise from our presence and develop equitable solutions to resolve any problems in the mobile food vendor’s industry.

• Provide a contact point for members of the mobile food vendors community who wish to avail themselves of the services our members.